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    Poland’s Government Claims Success in Avoiding Energy Price Surges

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    Poland’s ruling United Right government is touting its achievement in preventing steep increases in electricity, gas, and fuel prices. According to Jacek Sasin, the Minister of State Assets, their policies have shielded ordinary Polish citizens from the energy price turmoil witnessed in many European countries. Sasin warned that if the opposition were to take power, the “invisible hand of the market” could lead to rising energy costs. He pledged that the government would continue its efforts to ensure that essentials like electricity, heating, and gasoline remain affordable for all.

    Energy Crisis in Europe

    Sasin highlighted the deep energy crisis affecting several European nations, resulting in sharp spikes in electricity, gas, and gasoline prices. Many countries have grappled with these soaring costs, but Poland, under the leadership of the United Right government, has managed to avert such dire scenarios.

    Addressing concerns about post-election gasoline prices, Minister Sasin assured that prices would remain stable immediately after the parliamentary elections. However, he emphasized that he could not predict long-term fluctuations, cautioning that he was not a fortune-teller.

    Market Dynamics and Orlen’s Role

    Sasin attributed the current affordable gasoline prices at Orlen gas stations to market-driven factors. He explained that Orlen’s ability to maintain competitive pricing stemmed from its status as a major multinational corporation with operations across Europe. The recent merger of Orlen, Lotos, and PGNiG, despite opposition criticism, has contributed to the company’s success.

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