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    Poland’s Largest Naval Shipyard Marks Progress on ‘Miecznik’ Frigate Program

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    In a monumental step forward, the Polish Naval Shipyard, PGZ Stocznia Wojenna, marked a significant milestone by suspending the pinnacle on the 46-meter-high hull assembly hall for the ‘Miecznik’ frigate program. This hall, one of two where frigates for the Polish Navy will be constructed, is part of a substantial investment exceeding PLN 300 million.

    Historic Investment and Future Prospects

    PGZ Stocznia Wojenna’s CEO, Paweł Lulewicz, expressed pride in achieving another milestone in the shipyard’s 101-year history. The investment aims to create a state-of-the-art shipyard by mid-2024, equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure for the production of three multi-role ‘Miecznik’ frigates.

    The central focus of this investment is the construction of a new hall spanning nearly 6,000 sqm, reaching a height of 43 meters, making it the tallest in Poland’s shipbuilding industry. Additionally, a production hall covering almost 5,000 sqm is underway, housing all shipyard equipment. The consortium, including NDI, NDI SOPOT, and Pekabex BET, is also responsible for upgrading quays, storage areas, and internal roads.

    The ‘Miecznik’ Frigate Program

    Part of the largest contract in Polish naval history, the ‘Miecznik’ program involves building three ultramodern frigates in collaboration with international defense industry leaders such as Babcock, MBDA, and Thales. The first frigate is slated for completion by 2026, featuring advanced radar, artillery, and missile systems.

    The project is anticipated to generate around 2,000 jobs in shipyards, defense enterprises, and related industries. The acquired expertise will not only support the ‘Miecznik’ program but also contribute to future projects for the Polish Navy.

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