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    Poland’s Maritime Border Guard Welcomes New Patrol Vessel

    Poland’s interior minister, Mariusz Kamiński, revealed that the Border Guard’s maritime unit has acquired a brand-new patrol vessel, set to take on critical duties primarily within the Baltic Sea. The SG-301 offshore patrol vessel (OPV) is poised to play a pivotal role in addressing illegal attempts to breach the European Union’s maritime borders and participate in vital rescue operations.

    This newly commissioned patrol vessel, marking the largest addition to the Border Guard’s maritime fleet, is earmarked for extensive service in the Baltic Sea, with the flexibility to deploy to the Mediterranean Sea if the need arises. Beyond its fundamental border protection responsibilities, the vessel will be tasked with monitoring maritime transportation involving waste and hazardous chemicals, while also contributing to rescue and humanitarian missions, according to statements from the Border Guard (SG).

    The arrival of this state-of-the-art vessel in Poland from France in early September this year marks a significant milestone. Measuring nearly 70 meters in length, with a width of 11.5 meters and a draft of approximately 4.5 meters, the SG-301 OPV boasts impressive dimensions. It will house a permanent crew of 20 members who will be responsible for its operations.

    The contract for the construction of this patrol vessel was inked by the Border Guard in October 2020, with France’s renowned shipyard, Socareanam. The total value of the order stood at nearly PLN 111 million (EUR 25 million), as reported by the SG. Remarkably, a substantial 90 percent of the construction costs were covered by funding from the European Union Internal Security Fund, with the remaining financial support sourced from the state budget.

    This new addition to Poland’s maritime enforcement capabilities represents a significant step forward in safeguarding the nation’s maritime borders, ensuring the safety of its waters, and contributing to crucial rescue and environmental protection efforts.

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