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    Poland Achieves Record Sales of Bonds in 2023

    The Ministry of Finance in Poland announced that it successfully sold bonds totaling 48.7 billion Polish zlotys in the year 2023, with an additional 4.4 billion zlotys’ worth of bonds sold in December alone.

    According to information provided by the Ministry of Finance, the highest share of sales in 2023 was attributed to 4-year bonds. Buyers allocated over 20.2 billion zlotys for the purchase of these instruments, accounting for a significant 42% share in the overall sales structure. These bonds are tied to inflation indicators, augmented by an additional margin.

    Following in popularity were 1-year bonds, whose interest rates are dependent on the National Bank of Poland’s benchmark rate. Customers invested over 10.8 billion zlotys in these bonds, representing a 22% share in the sales structure.

    In third place, with an 18% share in the sales structure, were 3-year bonds with a fixed interest rate, providing a known return from the outset. In 2023, customers bought these bonds exceeding a value of 8.9 billion zlotys. These instruments offer a fixed, pre-determined rate of return and are designed for individuals who want to know the interest amount they will receive after a 3-year investment period.

    The Ministry disclosed that customers allocated 61 million zlotys to purchase family bonds dedicated to beneficiaries of the Family 500+ program (which became Family 800+ from January 2024 onwards). It emphasized that these bonds are exclusively for individuals receiving benefits under the Family 800+ program, aiming to save for their children’s future needs.

    “We closed the year 2023 with sales reaching 48.7 billion zlotys. The high interest in treasury bonds is directly linked to their advantages. Undoubtedly, these are secure instruments as the State Treasury guarantees the repayment of invested savings along with the due interest,” commented Deputy Finance Minister Jurand Drop in a statement.

    Drop added that bond buyers, on average, invested amounts exceeding 4 billion zlotys monthly. He also revealed that 56% of all bonds in 2023 were purchased online.

    Drop reminded that since November of the previous year, the possibility of purchasing the bonds has been expanded to include Individual Retirement Accounts (IKZE-Obligacje).

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