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    Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Applauds Ceasefire in Gaza, Urges Continued Diplomacy for Citizen Safety

    Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs extended a warm welcome on Saturday to the announcement of a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. In an official statement published on its website, the ministry highlighted that the ceasefire paved the way for the liberation of a first group of hostages, including a Polish citizen, and facilitated an increased delivery of humanitarian aid to the enclave.

    The MFA attributed this positive outcome to sustained international diplomatic endeavors and conveyed congratulations to all collaborative partners involved.

    The statement underscored the ministry’s “hope that the ceasefire will be maintained” and emphasized the urgent need for the release of all hostages.

    Additionally, it called upon Israel to grant approval for the secure departure of other Polish citizens from the Gaza Strip. The ministry concluded its message by reaffirming Poland’s steadfast commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens in the conflict zone.


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