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    Poland’s Pledge: President Duda Champions NATO Commitment Amidst Dragon24 Exercises

    In Korzeniewo, Poland, President Andrzej Duda reaffirmed Poland’s commitment to NATO during the ongoing Steadfast Defender–24 manoeuvres in Central Europe. Joined by Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda, President Duda highlighted the importance of the Dragon24 exercises in showcasing Poland’s readiness to defend NATO’s territory.

    Under Steadfast Defender–24, NATO conducts extensive exercises with around 90,000 soldiers from NATO and Sweden, evaluating their deterrence and defence capabilities, especially against potential aggression.

    President Duda reiterated Poland’s dedication to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, ensuring readiness to defend NATO territory. He assured President Nausėda of Lithuania of Polish support in the event of hostile aggression.

    The exercises, including the Wisła River crossing, demonstrate Poland’s preparedness to respond to threats in the region, with a focus on countering Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

    Split into two phases, the manoeuvres enhance sea defences across the Atlantic and Arctic, followed by Dragon24 exercises in Poland involving 20,000 soldiers and 3,500 units of equipment from 10 NATO states. These exercises evaluate cooperation across different domains and include cyber warfare simulations to bolster NATO’s readiness.

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