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    Poland’s Post-Summer Bliss: Embracing the Charms of September Travel

    Discover why September is the perfect time for a post-summer escape in Poland, with serene destinations, tailored experiences, and affordable stays.

    September Delights in Poland

    As the summer season draws to a close, Poland continues to bask in the warm embrace of September. The pleasant weather, even better than the beginning of August, coupled with the post-holiday tranquility devoid of crowds on popular promenades, keeps the local tourism industry buzzing. Analysis from, a leading travel platform, reveals a gradual surge in September bookings and enticing special offers. Interestingly, Polish travelers are still inclined to make last-minute decisions for short getaways, mirroring the trend seen throughout the summer.

    Ideal for Those Seeking Serenity

    September proves to be the ideal time for those who prefer avoiding crowds or traveling with young children, as school calendars no longer dictate vacation dates. With favorable weather, seaside and mountain resorts beckon with their post-season calmness. It’s no wonder that the number of travelers eager for September getaways is on the rise.

    Tailored Experiences for All

    Catering to couples, including those with little ones, has proven to be a winning strategy, evident from the average number of guests per September reservation, which stands at 2-3 individuals. Property owners are striving to entice parents with children through added amenities such as mini-playgrounds and delicious, child-friendly homemade meals. Meanwhile, couples seeking an adult-centric escape can find child-free zones and plenty of ideas for quality time together.

    Last-Minute and Short Escapes

    Whether traveling alone or with children, the last-minute decision-making trend continues into September, with most trips being short weekend getaways. The average duration of September bookings clocks in at 2.77 days.

    Top Destinations

    Zakopane remains the top choice for those yearning for mountain adventures, attracting the most September tourists, much like the previous year. Besides the Tatra capital, Karpacz and Wisła also enjoy significant popularity. The return of warm weather also lures travelers to the seaside, with Gdańsk, Kołobrzeg, and Sopot ranking as the most sought-after Baltic destinations. Increased activity can also be expected in Kraków, Wrocław, and Warsaw.

    Affordable and Flexible Stays

    The average cost of September reservations is PLN 833.76, with an average nightly rate of 118 złoty per person, maintaining the summer rates. Apartments continue to be the preferred choice of accommodation, not only for their cost-effectiveness compared to hotels but also for the convenience of self-catering, a growing trend among cost-conscious Polish travelers.

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