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    Poland’s Potential Entry into NATO Nuclear Sharing Program

    Strengthening Poland’s Security

    Poland’s Law and Justice party advocates for Poland’s inclusion in NATO’s Nuclear Sharing program. The move, spearheaded by PiS Chairman Mariusz Błaszczak, aims to bolster Poland’s security amid escalating tensions on its eastern border.

    Support from Law and Justice

    Law and Justice underscores the strategic significance of Poland’s participation in the program, emphasizing the need to fortify the country’s defense capabilities. With three NATO countries possessing nuclear weapons, Poland seeks to join the ranks of nations like the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, and Germany.

    Diplomatic Initiatives

    Prime Minister Tusk’s discussions with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak present prime opportunities to advocate for Poland’s entry into the Nuclear Sharing program. By engaging in diplomatic dialogue, Poland aims to solidify its position within the NATO alliance.

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