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    Poland’s Prolonged Household Electricity Support: Government’s Plan and Impactful Measures for 2024

    The Polish government is set to prolong its support for households grappling with electricity bills, intending to extend the preferential pricing conditions until the culmination of 2024. This decision, outlined in the governmental legislative agenda, follows the freeze imposed on electricity prices for households in December 2022, maintaining rates at the 2022 level for 2023. The freeze applied to a consumption limit of 3,000 kWh for all households, with varying limits for specific groups, including households with disabled individuals and larger families.

    The government’s legislative plan outlines a continuation and modification of current support mechanisms for household consumers. This extension encompasses freezing prices and distribution fees, mandating energy companies to implement 2022-approved tariffs in their dealings with household customers throughout 2024, within specified boundaries. Additionally, the proposed legislation aims to broaden the cap on consumption for households while upholding the maximum energy price for vulnerable recipients, such as local governments, schools, hospitals, and SMEs, at PLN 693 (EUR 159) per 1,000 kWh.

    This initiative stems from Poland’s parliament enacting the initial caps on electricity bills in response to the surge in energy prices post the conflict in Ukraine and heightened global demand for energy resources as economies rebounded from the pandemic-induced slowdown. As the government moves forward, the aim remains to alleviate the strain on households facing escalating electricity costs amid global market fluctuations.


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