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    Poland’s Reserves Reach Historic High: NBP Reports €170.9 Billion

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    Poland’s official reserve assets hit a historic high at the end of November 2023, reaching €170.9 billion, or $186.7 billion, according to the National Bank of Poland (NBP). Economist Andrzej Stefaniak hailed it as a milestone, noting a remarkable increase since the 2015 elections.

    The NBP revealed in a Thursday statement that October’s official reserve assets in euros were €170.9 billion, up by €5 billion from the previous month. In dollars, the reserves surged by $9.7 billion, reaching $186.7 billion. Gold reserves also rose to over €21.5 billion or $23.5 billion, emphasizing the robust financial position.

    The central bank highlighted its strategic investments, with 66.6% in government securities, international institution bonds, and government agency papers. The remaining funds are diversified in high-rated bank deposits and monetary gold.

    Economist Andrzej Stefaniak underscored the significance of this achievement, citing a substantial increase of €354 billion since the 2015 elections, €260 billion since 2019, and a remarkable €100 billion surge within the past year.

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