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    Poland’s Robust Labor Market Performance Continues to Shine in European Union

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    Poland’s labor market, as confirmed by Eurostat data, showcases a commendable and stable situation. Minister of Family and Social Policy, Dorota Bojemska, reported that for the fourth consecutive month, Poland maintains an unemployment rate of 2.8%. According to Bojemska, these figures position Poland among the leading countries in the European Union with the lowest unemployment rates, surpassed only by Malta at 2.5%. Notably, Poland outperforms the EU and Eurozone averages.

    Effective Policies of the United Right Government

    Bojemska attributed this success to the effectiveness of the United Right government’s labor market policies. With 481,000 unemployed individuals in October, Poland has witnessed a year-on-year reduction of 33,000 jobless individuals, showcasing the resilience of the Polish workforce amid pandemic challenges.

    Eurostat’s October report revealed a 6.5% unemployment rate in the Eurozone, consistent with the previous month. Analysts’ expectations were met, while the EU’s average unemployment rate stood at 6%.

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