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    Poland’s Submarine “ORP Orzeł” Returns to Sea After Extensive Three-Year Overhaul

    After a three-year-long overhaul since 2021, Poland’s lone submarine ORP “Orzeł” (‘Eagle’) has triumphantly returned to the seas. The submarine, a vital asset for the Polish Navy, underwent comprehensive underwater inspections, marking the completion of its maintenance.

    ORP “Orzeł” stands as Poland’s sole domestically acquired submarine since World War II, distinguishing itself from other vessels procured second-hand. Presently, it serves in the 3rd Flotilla of Naval Ships, symbolizing Poland’s maritime strength. Having served for 38 years, the submarine underwent meticulous renovations and maintenance. The cost of these endeavors reached an estimated 653 thousand euros, as reported by the Maritime Economy portal. Despite ORP “Orzeł’s” stalwart service, there is yet to be an announcement regarding a tender for new submarines under the “Orka” (‘orca whale’) program. The Navy continues to explore options for bolstering its underwater fleet.

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