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    Poland’s unemployment rate at 2.9 pct in December – Eurostat

    According to data from the EU statistical office, the unemployment rate in Poland was 2.9 percent in December, compared to 3 percent in November. Only the Czech Republic recorded a lower indicator of 2.3 percent, while Germany had an equal indicator of 2.9 percent.

    “Eurostat data once again confirm a good and stable situation on our labour market. While the unemployment rate is increasing or stagnating in other EU countries , ours is decreasing. We achieved the second best result in Europe – 2.9 percent. These numbers are proof that government policy is working.
    We are constantly monitoring the situation and reacting on an ongoing basis. Thanks to appropriate actions, we saved millions of jobs that were at risk during the pandemic.
    The war in Ukraine is another test. Citizens of this country fleeing from Putin’s regime have found both shelter and employment in our country.”,

    says the Minister of Family and Social Policy Marlena Maląg.

    The number of people looking for a job in Poland, according to Eurostat, amounted to 503,000 in December. A month earlier, there was 508,000 job seekers.

    In December, the unemployment rate in the entire European Union was 6.1 percent. The country with the highest unemployment rate was Spain. Unemployment there was 13.1 percent.

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