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    Pole wounded in Ukraine, confirms ambassador

    The Polish ambassador to Ukraine has confirmed that a Pole has been wounded in the country.

    “I confirm that we have received information about a wounded Polish citizen,” Bartosz Cichocki said on Saturday. “They are being offered medical assistance and care.”

    Anton Gerashchenko, an aide to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, reported earlier today that a Russian missile struck a vehicle carrying two Poles in the Donetsk region.

    “A Russian shell hit the bus of Polish volunteers who brought humanitarian aid in Chasiv Yar,” Gerashchenko wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning.

    “Two volunteers were wounded,” he went on to say, adding that “one of them was evacuated to a Dnipro hospital by Life Saving Center.”

    The attached image to the tweet is of a white van with a large hole situated directly behind the driver’s seat. The van features a sticker displaying the phrase ‘Helping Ukraine’ as well as flags of Ukraine, Poland, and Latvia.

    On Thursday afternoon, a Russian shell caused a devastating impact as it struck a van carrying six people, two of whom were Polish volunteers affiliated with the Nehemiasz humanitarian initiative. According to a representative from Nehemiasz, all six people were injured in the incident.

    “They both live in Poznan,” the representative said. “One of them is in a stable but serious condition, while the second is in a lighter condition.

    “It was our 22nd trip,” the representative went on to say. “They weren’t there for the first time, either. One of them had been there since 2014, so he is a very experienced person.”


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