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    Poles Assess Their Financial Situation: Insights from the Latest Survey

    A recent survey by Santander Consumer Bank, “The Polish Wallet: Frugal Like a Pole,” unveils the financial sentiments of Poles in 2023. According to the study, 48% of participants report no change in their financial situation from the previous year, while 36% feel worse off, and 16% see an improvement.

    The research highlights demographic disparities: individuals aged 50-59 and those earning up to 2000 PLN net per month are most likely to experience financial declines. In contrast, younger respondents and those with higher incomes report positive financial changes.

    A noteworthy 55% of Poles engage in regular saving, particularly prevalent among higher earners and urban residents. However, 45% do not save regularly, with seniors over 70, rural dwellers, and lower-income earners being the most notable.

    Magdalena Drążkowska from SCB points out an optimistic shift in financial perception compared to the previous year, signaling a change in attitudes towards personal finances in Poland.

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