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    Poles Divided Over Ban on Small Liquor Bottles

    Poles are sharply divided over a proposed ban on “małpki,” small bottles of strong alcohol. According to a survey 46% of respondents support the ban, while nearly 42% oppose it.

    The survey posed the question, “Do you think the sale of strong alcohol in small bottles, known as ‘małpki,’ should be banned?” Of those surveyed, 27.5% answered “definitely yes,” and 18.5% said “rather yes.” Conversely, 15.3% were “definitely no,” and 26.4% “rather no.” A notable 12.3% of participants were undecided on the issue.

    Age-Related Differences

    The survey highlights significant generational differences in opinion. Among young adults aged 18-29, opposition to the ban is particularly strong, with 62% against it. Specifically, 28% of this age group chose “definitely no,” and 34% “rather no.” In contrast, older respondents, particularly those aged 60-69, are more supportive. In this group, 57% favor the ban, with 35% saying “definitely yes” and 22% “rather yes.”

    The division in opinions could be attributed to differing lifestyle and drinking habits among age groups. Younger individuals might view “małpki” as a convenient and affordable option, while older people might be more concerned about health and social issues related to alcohol consumption.

    The IBRiS survey for Radio ZET was conducted from May 24 to 25, 2024, using the CATI method on a nationally representative sample of 1071 people. This survey provides a snapshot of public sentiment on an issue that continues to spark debate across Poland.

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