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    Police Are Sure Child Killer is Hiding in Forest in Gdynia

    In a relentless pursuit spanning seven days, law enforcement officials in Gdynia remain unwavering in their certainty that Grzegorz Borys, a 44-year-old man suspected of brutally attacking his six-year-old son, is alive and hiding within a dense forest nestled between two districts of the coastal city. The incident, which shocked the community, occurred in a flat in Gdynia’s Fikakowo district last Friday morning.

    Support in the search operation pours in from various quarters, with Military Police, the Forest Service, and firefighters collaborating with the local police force. Officials on the ground, deeply engaged in the search, have expressed their conviction that Borys has sought refuge within the forest’s vast expanse. “He is in the forest. We are sure of it,” affirmed one law enforcement officer involved in the operation.

    The forest area in question provides numerous potential hideouts for the suspect. Among these are the trenches, remnants from World War Two, stretching several kilometers through the woodland. Additionally, abandoned allotment gardens, common in late autumn, offer concealed spaces perfect for evading capture. Unofficial reports from officers involved in the operation suggest that various spots, believed to be Borys’ hiding places, have been discovered throughout the search.

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    As the pursuit intensifies, authorities issued a public appeal on Wednesday, urging residents to steer clear of the Tricity Landscape Park, especially around specific zones such as Chwarzno, Wiczlino, Witomin, Karwin, and Male Kacko. The police spokesperson, Karina Kaminska, emphasized the disruption caused by individuals venturing into the forest. “Our actions are aimed at apprehending the wanted man. The intrusion of random people into the forest not only jeopardizes their safety but diverts our focus from locating Grzegorz Borys. We are compelled to secure entrances against unauthorized individuals,” she cautioned.

    The city remains on edge as law enforcement intensifies their efforts, determined to bring Grzegorz Borys to justice and provide closure to a community left horrified by the tragic events that unfolded within their midst.

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