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    Police Make Shocking Discovery of Two Bodies in Car in Wschowa

    Police have launched an investigation into a macabre discovery in the Wschowa district of Lubuskie Voivodeship. The bodies of a male and female were discovered inside a vehicle parked along a side road. Police are currently conducting an intensive investigation into the incident.

    Police have confirmed a “criminal incident” in a statement to RMF FM. Marcin Maludy, a police spokesman, declined to provide details on the severity of the victims’ injuries.

    A bystander reportedly discovered two bodies locked in a car at around 2 pm on Saturday, prompting a call to police.

    Police are conducting an intensive operation in connection to a case, with the public prosecutor’s office overseeing. As part of the investigation, they are examining the bodies and car found at the scene. Additionally, forensic evidence is being collected and secured.

    After the scene of the incident had been cleared, the deceased were taken for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. This will provide an answer to the questions surrounding the tragedy.

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