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    Police Officer and Husband Apprehend Aggressive Thief

    A shopping trip to a gardening store turned into a chase and takedown of an aggressive thief. Natalia Repelewicz, an aspiring police officer from Gorzów, along with her husband Roman, a retired police officer, intervened when they noticed a man fleeing from store staff. It was revealed that he had stolen merchandise moments earlier. Thanks to the decisive action of the couple and an incidental witness, the man was swiftly apprehended.

    Officer Natalia Repelewicz of the Gorzów precinct’s Prevention Department, along with her husband Roman, a former police officer, were at a gardening store on Wednesday, August 2nd, located on Walczak Street. After completing their purchases, they got into their car. As they were about to leave, they observed a man rushing out of the store. Despite attempts by store personnel to chase him down, they were unsuccessful. The couple did not hesitate. Suspecting that the man was carrying stolen goods in the bag he was holding, they began pursuing him in their car.

    They caught up with him a few dozen meters from the store, blocked his path, and exited their vehicle. The man was taken completely by surprise. Upon realizing that he was dealing with a female police officer and her husband, who were also calling for backup, the man turned aggressive. Despite his attempts to escape, the couple managed to restrain him. An accidental bystander also rushed to their aid. Thanks to their combined efforts, the man was swiftly and effectively subdued, leaving him with no chance of escape. A police patrol arrived on the scene and apprehended the 40-year-old. Inside the bag he had fled with, they found a stolen battery charger worth nearly 200 Polish złoty.

    Preliminary investigations suggest that this individual may also be responsible for a theft of gardening equipment worth several hundred złoty that occurred a few days prior. The 40-year-old was taken into custody at the Gorzów precinct. Police officers will be gathering evidence for potential charges of theft, which could carry a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison.

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