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    Police officers and local residents joins forces to help a brave little girl in battle against disease

    In the town of Międzyrzecz, police officers, members of the community, and local residents have rallied together once again to lend a helping hand. Their collective efforts focused on filling a charitable heart-shaped container with plastic bottle caps, located at the Międzyrzecz Police Station. This time, the collected caps will aid a young girl named Gabrysia in her fight against cerebral palsy, a severe condition she battles daily.

    Constable Agnieszka Chmielewska, who serves as the local community officer and happens to reside in Gabrysia’s neighborhood, demonstrated great compassion and generosity. However, the police officers from the Międzyrzecz District Police Headquarters did not fall behind, actively participating in charitable initiatives aimed at supporting the sick and those in need. Gabrysia’s ongoing medical requirements for rehabilitation and speech therapy, as she faces challenges with both walking and speaking, come at significant cost.

    The heartwarming response extended beyond the police force, with the citizens of Międzyrzecz enthusiastically joining the collection of bottle caps from the very beginning. The dedication of both officers and civilians alike was evident as the metallic heart-shaped container rapidly filled up. On Tuesday, May 9th, policewomen presented Gabrysia with bags overflowing with bottle caps, accompanied by small tokens of remembrance to let her know she is not alone in her disease.

    The total collection amassed over 120 kilograms of bottle caps. The desire to help runs deep in the veins of every officer, and they continually demonstrate their motto, “Serve and Protect,” not only through their daily duties but also beyond them. Embracing the spirit of charity provides a remarkable and cost-free opportunity for anyone to make a difference. By simply sorting bottle caps for recycling, we not only offer assistance but also contribute to environmental conservation.

    Let us be aware that a seemingly ordinary plastic bottle cap holds value and has the potential to aid in the fight against the disease. While some may consider it disposable, others recognize its worth on the path to a better life.

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