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    Police Oversees First Autonomous Vehicle Tests in Poland

    Jaworzno’s traffic police recently took on a groundbreaking role as they oversaw the first autonomous vehicle tests in Poland. In late November, the city’s police officers monitored and evaluated the infrastructure while ensuring safety during the testing phase.

    The concept of a vehicle that “drives itself” has taken a significant step forward in Poland, with the first autonomous vehicle tests in Poland taking place on the streets of Jaworzno. The officers from the local traffic police were responsible for inspecting and providing feedback on the terrain’s infrastructure, as well as ensuring the safety of the tests.

    The groundbreaking tests occurred on the public roads of Jaworzno in real traffic conditions. The autonomous vehicle navigated through the area around the Northern Bypass of Jaworzno.

    One of the foremost challenges faced by systems automating driving is their ability to function correctly in actual road traffic. Therefore, testing autonomous vehicles on public roads and city streets is a global practice to validate their performance in real-world scenarios.

    The tests in Jaworzno took place at the end of November, with designated areas secured and managed by appropriate services. Additionally, individuals capable of assuming control over the vehicle at any moment were present throughout the testing period. Prior to the research activities, officers from the Jaworzno traffic police conducted an inspection of the road section to assess its infrastructure and quality.

    After examining the terrain, the Jaworzno police officers issued a positive opinion, a crucial step towards obtaining approval for the special use of the road. The law enforcement officers closely supervised the testing procedures and ensured they were conducted in a manner safe for all road users.

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