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    Polish Academy of Sciences Advocates Forest Policy Reform

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    Experts from the Polish Academy of Sciences emphasize the crucial need to prioritize biodiversity protection over maximizing forest productivity. They urge the development of a new forest policy, advocating immediate restrictions on logging in protected and ecologically significant areas.

    Forests, both victims and allies in the climate crisis, play a vital role in environmental stability. The committee urges prompt actions to safeguard Polish forests, aligning societal benefits with evolving scientific knowledge.

    Multidimensional Forest Policy

    The Committee calls for a multidimensional forest policy, integrating scientific insights with diverse societal needs. The pressing challenges include enhancing carbon and water storage capacity and adapting forests to changing climate conditions.

    Immediate Actions

    Prioritizing the adaptation of forests to climate change, the experts propose an immediate halt or reduction in tree felling, especially in protected areas. They advocate a moratorium on cutting old trees pending nationwide resource assessment and protection considerations.

    Enhancing Adaptive Capacity

    To boost adaptive potential and influence other economic sectors, particularly those reliant on forest resources, the committee suggests expanding forested areas and employing eco-hydrological strategies, including Nature-Based Solutions.

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