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    Polish Agriculture Minister Plans to Release List of Grain Traders

    Poland’s Agriculture Minister Robert Telus aims to publish a list of hundreds of grain traders, promoting transparency and addressing potential misinterpretations.

    Poland’s Minister of Agriculture, Robert Telus, has announced his intention to publicly disclose a list containing several hundred entities involved in trading technical grain from Ukraine. The list, compiled by inspections under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, includes both domestic and foreign companies, as well as farmers who sourced cheaper Ukrainian grain. Telus expressed his desire to expedite the release of the list, despite certain challenges posed by incomplete information and legal restrictions.

    Telus revealed his eagerness to disclose the list while addressing concerns of potential partiality. He cited the complexity of the issue, noting that while he possesses a portion of the list, other sections are held by the National Fiscal Administration, protected by tax secrecy. The Minister acknowledged the risk of misinterpretation and destabilization if not all details are shared promptly.

    Although Telus could not recall an exact count, he estimated the list encompassed “several hundred” entities. The list encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from Polish and foreign companies to even individual farmers and breeders who legitimately purchased cheaper Ukrainian grain. Telus expressed a growing urgency to dispel any misconceptions about his motives and to maintain transparency.

    Minister Telus emphasized his genuine desire to release the list and counter any perceptions of concealment. He stressed the need to prevent insinuations of vested interests and aims to address the issue comprehensively.

    Minister Telus’s commitment to transparency and his push to release the list of grain traders reflect Poland’s efforts to ensure openness in trade practices and dispel doubts about any hidden agendas.

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