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    Polish and Allied Fighters Activated in Response to New Wave of Russian Airstrikes on Ukraine

    Polish and allied fighter jets were deployed as the Russian Federation initiated another round of long-range aerial attacks targeting facilities in Ukraine, reported the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces. The increased military activity, which lasted over two hours before the threat subsided, prompted aircraft to return to their bases.

    The Operational Command warned residents, particularly in the southeast of Poland, of heightened noise levels due to the activation of air units. The command assured the public that all necessary procedures to secure national airspace were effectively implemented and that the situation was being closely monitored.

    Before 7:00 AM, the Operational Command posted on the social media platform X that the operation of Polish and allied aviation had concluded due to the reduced threat level. This announcement came after a night marked by heightened vigilance and readiness.

    Additionally, Ukrainian media outlets reported air raid sirens early Saturday in several regions including Kherson, Mykolaiv, Kirovohrad, and Dnipropetrovsk. Sources indicated sightings of Russian Tu-95MS bombers, capable of carrying cruise missiles, and reported explosions in multiple locations such as Kharkiv, Kherson, Dnipro, and the Lviv region.

    The entire territory of Ukraine was put on high alert late Friday evening in anticipation of possible Russian missile attacks. This escalation follows numerous sightings of Russian cruise missiles across several Ukrainian regions, further exacerbating the ongoing conflict in the region.

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