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    Polish and Japanese Foreign Ministers Pledge Stronger Economic Cooperation for Ukraine’s Post-War Reconstruction

    In a significant diplomatic meeting, the Polish Foreign Minister, Zbigniew Rau, and his Japanese counterpart, Yoshimasa Hayashi, have jointly announced their commitment to enhancing economic cooperation to support the post-war reconstruction efforts in Ukraine. The high-level discussions took place in Warsaw on a Friday, showcasing the strong partnership between the two nations.

    Rau emphasized the strategic importance of Japan as Poland’s key partner in the Far East and lauded the exemplary political cooperation that exists between their countries. Both leaders reiterated their unwavering commitment to upholding international law, emphasizing its relevance not only in Europe but also in the Indo-Pacific region.

    To further bolster their collaboration, Minister Rau revealed plans to formalize their security cooperation. One notable initiative under consideration is the establishment of a regular dialogue on security, featuring the participation of both foreign affairs and defense ministers from Poland and Japan. This move reflects their shared commitment to maintaining global security and stability.

    Rau also underlined the significance of Polish-Japanese economic relations, highlighting the integral role of companies from both nations in the reconstruction efforts of Ukraine. This economic partnership is poised to play a crucial role in the revitalization of Ukraine following the devastating conflict.

    Minister Hayashi expressed Japan’s deep appreciation for Poland’s pivotal role as a military and humanitarian support hub for Ukraine. He acknowledged Poland’s vital contributions to aiding Ukraine during these challenging times. Hayashi assured Rau of Japan’s unwavering commitment to collaborating with Poland to swiftly end Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and establish a just and lasting peace.

    Both foreign ministers emphasized the importance of fostering cooperation between Poland and Japan, not only at the governmental level but also within the public and private sectors, to support Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts comprehensively. This pledge underscores their shared dedication to assisting Ukraine on its path to recovery and stability.


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