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    Polish Armed Forces Showcase Strength and Modernization on Armed Forces Day

    The Polish Armed Forces marked their annual celebration, Armed Forces Day, with a grand display of strength and modernization, showcasing a range of military equipment and capabilities that highlight the nation’s readiness to defend its borders and contribute to international security.

    The central ceremonies took place in Warsaw, graced by the presence of President Andrzej Duda, Chief Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense (MON), along with various state officials and military leaders. This year’s festivities were held under the theme “Strong White and Red,” symbolizing the unity and determination of the Polish military.

    Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, in his address during the event, emphasized the transformation the Polish Armed Forces have undergone in recent years. “This is not only an occasion to pay tribute to the heroes of the victorious Battle of Warsaw and express gratitude to contemporary soldiers for safeguarding our homeland. It’s also a perfect day to showcase our strength, to demonstrate that we have built a potent armed force capable of effectively defending our borders, and to show that Poland has become a significant player on the international stage,” Minister Błaszczak stated.

    The highlight of the celebrations was the impressive military parade that featured a wide array of equipment actively used by Polish soldiers. Minister Błaszczak highlighted the shift from a time when the military had to contend with outdated equipment to the current state of modernity and power. The parade proudly exhibited the achievements of the Polish military’s modernization efforts, symbolizing the nation’s commitment to security and its role on the global stage.

    President Andrzej Duda reaffirmed the importance of modernization for ensuring the safety of the Polish people. “The goal of the great modernization of the Polish Armed Forces is to arm our army and create a defense system that would deter any potential aggressor. We aim for a Poland where our soldiers don’t have to engage in combat,” President Duda asserted, underscoring the nation’s focus on ensuring the best possible conditions for its soldiers.

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    The monumental modernization efforts were attributed to the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, as noted by the defense minister. He emphasized that the foundation for strengthening the Polish Armed Forces was laid by the Defense of the Homeland Act.

    The festivities were not just a celebration but also an acknowledgment of the Polish military’s continuous efforts to ensure national security. With thousands of soldiers diligently guarding the Polish border around the clock, the military stands ready to repel any potential hybrid threats.

    The commemoration concluded with an awe-inspiring military parade that featured 200 units of Polish and foreign military equipment, accompanied by 92 aircraft and helicopters, all proudly presented by 2,000 soldiers. The showcase included a variety of advanced weaponry, such as tanks, rocket launchers, artillery, and air defense systems.

    International solidarity was evident as allied troops joined the Polish soldiers in the parade, including units from the multinational battalion group stationed in Poland.

    Throughout the country, military picnics were also held, demonstrating the military’s connection with the public. A special highlight was the “5 with a Soldier” run, an event that honored those who defended the Republic in 1920 and showed respect for today’s soldiers who safeguard the nation’s security.

    As the celebrations came to a close, Minister Błaszczak reflected on the significance of the day, stating: “Security is the cornerstone of a strong, just, and prosperous nation. Without the Polish Armed Forces, we cannot develop infrastructure, implement social programs, or educate our children. Our responsibility is to never yield an inch of our territory. We know this, and we will never underestimate the tasks that the Brightest Republic presents us. For the glory of our homeland.”

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