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    Polish Athlete Zofia Tuła Claims Silver in C1 Freestyle Kayaking

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    Poland’s Zofia Tuła made history in Columbus, Georgia, by securing the title of Vice World Champion in C1 freestyle kayaking. Tuła’s silver medal marks the first-ever podium finish for a Polish athlete in this challenging discipline, a significant milestone for her and her country.

    A Transition to Remember

    In a surprising move, Tuła, who had previously competed exclusively in kayaking, decided to diversify her training by adding C1 canoeing to her repertoire. Unlike traditional kayaking, in C1, the athlete kneels within the canoe, using a single-bladed paddle, making maneuvering the boat more challenging.

    The competition took place on the Chattahoochee River, where athletes showcased their freestyle skills in challenging conditions. Despite the inherent difficulties, Zofia Tuła displayed exceptional talent and determination, earning her well-deserved second place. The gold medal was successfully defended by Ottie Robinson-Show of the United Kingdom.

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