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    Polish Auto Market Defies European Trends in Diesel and Electric Vehicle Sales

    The Polish market is showing unique characteristics in the sales of diesel, petrol, and electric vehicles, according to a recent report by “Rzeczpospolita”. While the European Union experienced a significant 10.6% drop in diesel car registrations during the first quarter of the year, Poland’s decrease was notably milder at just 2.3%. This marks a fourfold slower decline in diesel sales year-over-year in Poland compared to the broader EU, which saw a 4.2% fall.

    On the flip side, the rate of decline in petrol car registrations in Poland is nearly double the EU average, showcasing a faster shift away from traditional fuel vehicles in Poland than in other European countries. This accelerated shift may indicate a more rapid adaptation of the Polish market to emerging automotive technologies or a more significant decline in consumer preference for petrol vehicles.

    Despite these trends in traditional fuel vehicles, Poland lags significantly behind the EU in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Last month, electric cars accounted for only 3.4% of new registrations in Poland, starkly lower than the EU average. This is almost four times less than the EU norm and pales particularly in comparison to automotive giants like Germany, where over 81,000 battery-powered cars were registered in the first quarter of the year, in contrast to just 4,200 in Poland.

    However, it’s not all grim for Poland’s automotive sector. The country is seeing impressive growth in the hybrid vehicle market. Hybrids have gained a substantial market share, nearly reaching 46% of total new personal car sales in March, up from 36.8% in the same month last year. This surge in hybrid sales suggests a strong consumer preference for vehicles that offer a balance between traditional and renewable energy sources.

    While the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) notes a downward trend in new car sales across Europe—with a 5.2% decrease in March this year compared to last—Poland stands out with its market growing by 12.7% year-over-year. This growth contrasts sharply with the general European trend and highlights the unique position of the Polish automotive market.

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