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    Polish Citizens Trapped in Gaza Amidst Temporary Evacuation Halt

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    Polish citizens remain trapped in the Gaza Strip as the possibility of evacuation has been temporarily suspended. The Israeli and Egyptian authorities, who were previously facilitating evacuations, have now halted the process.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Expresses Concern

    The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement expressing grave concerns about the safety of their citizens in Gaza. They emphasized that every day the Polish citizens spend in the region exposes them to life-threatening risks, particularly the children.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its embassies in Tel Aviv, Cairo, and its office in Ramallah, has been in constant communication with Israeli and Egyptian authorities since the conflict began. They have been making diligent efforts to secure the safe and swift evacuation of Polish citizens.

    Evacuation Halt and Its Impact

    The halt in evacuations was reportedly triggered by a decision from Hamas, the de facto authority in Gaza. Hamas suspended the evacuation of foreigners and individuals with dual citizenship to Egypt after Israel denied permission for injured Palestinians to seek medical treatment in Egyptian hospitals.

    The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that, due to decisions made by third-party nations, they are still awaiting the green light for the evacuation of Polish citizens from war-torn areas.

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