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    Polish climber Aleksandra Mirosław met with Minister of Sport and Tourism Kamil Bortniczuk

    Aleksandra Mirosław, representing Poland in sport climbing, recently visited the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, where she shared her experiences of this spectacular discipline. The meeting with Minister Kamil Bortniczuk was an opportunity to admire her spectacular performances, achievements and world records. A member of the national team of the Polish Mountaineering Association, Mirosław has gained fame as the current world record holder in time climbing and has been invited to participate in the programme for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

    Minister Kamil Bortniczuk expressed his appreciation for Aleksandra Mirosław’s talent and determination during the meeting. His words reflect the widespread support and pride that Poles have for this extraordinary athlete. Her spectacular performances, speeds achieved and world records set continue to impress. We are all Aleksandra’s supporters and keep our fingers crossed for her continued success in future competitions.

    Mirosław boasts a wealth of sporting achievements. She is a two-time world champion and two-time European champion in time climbing. Already in her first start at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021, she finished fourth in the triathlon competition, which includes time climbing, bouldering and guiding. It was time-climbing that earned her her first world record. Mirosław was also successful in the World Cup series, winning the last seven rounds she competed in.

    The year 2023 proved to be another spectacular season for Aleksandra Mirosław. The athlete won first place in the World Cup competition in Seoul, where she improved the current world record, now standing at 6.25 seconds, three times. She also achieved similarly impressive results in Jakarta and Salt Lake City.

    It is not only her professional successes that make Aleksandra Mirosław an inspiring figure. The world record holder is also involved in promoting sport climbing and building relationships with her fans. As part of the ’15 minutes with sports stars’ series organised by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of Sport and Tourism, Mirosław met fans in person. During the event, she had the opportunity to take photos, give autographs and answer questions from the participants.

    Aleksandra Mirosław not only impresses with her sporting achievements, but also serves as an inspiration for young climbing students. Her determination, fortitude and continuous development are admirable. With her talent and commitment, Mirosław is bringing new energy to world time climbing. We keep our fingers crossed for further successes of this exceptional Polish athlete, who conquers peaks and overcomes her own limits.

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