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    Polish Climbers Shine in European Cup Speed Climbing in Lublin

    In the heart of Lublin, Poland, the European Cup Speed Climbing event showcased the prowess of Polish climbers. Despite facing stiff competition, the Polish athletes left a lasting impression on the audience with their remarkable performances.

    Mirosław’s Missed Opportunity

    A pivotal moment occurred in the semi-finals when Aleksandra Mirosław faltered, costing her a shot at victory. Despite her strong form and impressive times throughout the day, a slip at the crucial juncture dashed her hopes of clinching the title. Ultimately, the triumph went to German climber Franziska Ritter, seizing the opportunity presented by Mirosław’s misstep.

    Meanwhile, Marcin Dzieński showcased remarkable resilience, securing a podium finish after a grueling battle in the finals. His determination and skill were evident as he overcame formidable opponents, earning himself a well-deserved third place.

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