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    Polish Coach Kazimierz Jagiełło Guides to Guinea League Triumph

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    Polish coach Kazimierz Jagiełło has achieved a remarkable feat as he guided Hafia FC to the championship in the Guinean league. It marks a significant milestone for the club, which had been awaiting a domestic league triumph since 1985.

    Jagiełło, who has been at the helm of Hafia FC since November 2022, clinched the national title with his team after a 3-1 victory over Flamme Olympique in the final match of the season. This achievement marks his first championship with a club in 28 years.

    From Poland to Guinea

    Prior to his tenure in Guinea, Jagiełło worked in his native Poland until 2012, notably with Polonia Warszawa under the guidance of Józef Wojciechowski. He also had a brief coaching stint in Belgium, where he was responsible for FC Charleroi’s results. In 2022, he embarked on a new chapter in Guinea.

    Jagiełło explained in an extensive interview with Weszło portal a few months ago that he chose Guinea as a country to further his coaching career due to its distinctive atmosphere. He emphasized the familial nature of the people and the captivating individuals he works with. He highlighted the difference in mentality, where a Guinean footballer’s earnings often support their entire family.

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