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    Polish Company Creotech Instruments to Launch Most Advanced Satellite in History

    Polish company Creotech Instruments is set to launch the most advanced satellite in the country’s history, named EagleEye, later this year. The satellite, designed and built entirely in Poland, will be transported to the United States for integration with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

    Cutting-Edge Technology for Earth Observation

    EagleEye, developed by Creotech Instruments in collaboration with Scanway and the Polish Academy of Sciences Space Research Center, boasts cutting-edge technology for Earth observation. It will operate from a Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO), promising unprecedented image quality.

    With ambitions beyond Earth, Creotech is already eyeing missions to distant celestial bodies. Their next project involves developing electronics for a mission to intercept a comet, a venture poised to push the boundaries of space exploration.

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