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    Polish Consul General Unharmed in Istanbul Church Attack Linked to Islamic State

    In a shocking incident on Sunday, a man was fatally shot by Islamic State terrorists during a Catholic church service in Istanbul, Turkey. Fortunately, Poland’s Consul General to Istanbul, Witold Lesniak, and his children, who were present at the time, escaped unscathed.

    The attack occurred in the Italian church situated in Istanbul’s Catholic Quarter. According to reports, two masked gunmen pursued the 52-year-old victim before shooting him dead amidst the congregation during the Sunday mass. The motive behind targeting the victim remains a mystery.

    Following the attack, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for this act of violence. This incident has heightened concerns about the safety of religious gatherings in the region.

    In response to the tragedy, the Polish Foreign Ministry has stated that its diplomats are closely monitoring the developments. Meanwhile, Turkish police have launched an extensive search for the two assailants, who managed to flee the scene immediately after the incident. Witnesses at the scene provided descriptions of the attackers, aiding in the manhunt.

    The Polish consulate in Istanbul has issued a statement urging caution. “A search for the perpetrators of this assault is ongoing. Take care and follow the instructions of the local authorities,” the consulate advised.

    This attack has raised alarms about the ongoing threat posed by extremist groups of the Islamic State, particularly targeting places of worship.

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