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    Polish-Czech inter-governmental consultations in Katowice

    Today in Katowice, the Polish-Czech inter-governmental consultations are taking place, led by Prime Ministers Mateusz Morawiecki and Petr Fiala. The heads of governments will discuss current bilateral issues as well as regional and European matters. The main focus will be on energy, infrastructure development, and defense. The meeting will also provide an opportunity to discuss protecting our borders from illegal migration. This marks the eighth edition of the Polish-Czech consultations, with the previous meeting held in June 2022 in Prague.

    One of the primary topics on the agenda will be energy, infrastructure, and defense cooperation. Poland’s significant regional importance and its close proximity to the Czech Republic create numerous possibilities for collaboration in various fields. By fostering such collaboration, both countries can enhance their respective economies and contribute to regional stability and development.

    Additionally, the prime ministers will address selected topics from the European agenda, including challenges related to the economy and the EU market. One of the critical issues will be migration policy and further securing the borders from illegal migration. Both nations unanimously oppose the current assumptions of the EU’s migration policy, which propose mechanisms for compulsory relocation.

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Prime Minister Petr Fiala will also engage in discussions about financial matters and potential changes in the functioning of the European Union, currently under debate at the EU forum. As active members of the EU, Poland and the Czech Republic play crucial roles in shaping the future of the bloc, and these consultations present an opportunity to align their positions on various EU-related matters.

    The agenda of the prime ministers’ talks will also include issues of regional cooperation, especially in the Visegrád Group format. Currently, the Czech Republic is presiding over the Visegrád Group, representing the 7th Czech presidency in the V4. Following the Czech Republic, Poland will assume the annual presidency of the V4 from July 1, 2024.

    Inter-Governmental Consultations: After the bilateral meeting between the prime ministers, a plenary session will be held under the leadership of Mateusz Morawiecki and Petr Fiala. The ministerial consultations will cover the following areas:

    1. Defense
    2. Foreign affairs
    3. Economy and energy
    4. Finance
    5. Transportation
    6. Regional policy
    7. Social affairs
    8. Agriculture
    9. Digitalization
    10. Education

    These consultations are vital for strengthening the cooperation between Poland and the Czech Republic in multiple areas. They also present an opportunity for both nations to coordinate their positions on European matters, contributing to a more unified and cohesive EU. The discussions on energy, infrastructure, and defense will foster mutual growth and security. Additionally, the engagement on migration policy will emphasize the importance of protecting borders while ensuring a humane approach to the issue.

    Moreover, the dialogue on financial matters and potential changes within the EU reflects the commitment of both countries to actively contribute to the development and advancement of the European project.

    The Polish-Czech inter-governmental consultations not only signify the growing friendship and cooperation between the two nations but also demonstrate their shared commitment to addressing regional and European challenges together. As the talks progress, it is expected that concrete agreements and joint initiatives will emerge, further strengthening the bilateral ties and contributing to the overall prosperity and stability of the European continent.

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