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    Polish defence minister pledges to broaden air-defence capabilities

    The defence minister of Poland has declared that they are resolved to broaden their short- and mid-range air defence systems.

    On Monday, Mariusz Blaszczak made a pledge before attending a training exercise of a short-range air defence team at an airport in Warsaw.

    “More training and more equipment, this time from the United Kingdom when it comes to launchers and missiles, and from Poland when it comes to radars and trucks that carry the launchers,” Blaszczak said. “So we have yet another example of cooperation between the Polish arms industry with the industry of a Nato member, this time the United Kingdom.”

    In April 2022, an agreement was signed by Poland for the procurement of six anti-aircraft systems, each armed with CAMM missiles produced in the United Kingdom.

    “We’re determined that the Polish armed forces will gain battle readiness as soon as possible… and for the next layer of the multi-layer air defence to be ready to protect Polish skies,” the minister added.

    Blaszczak stated that prior to the current administration’s decision to modernize the nation’s aerial defence system, the Polish armed forces primarily relied on Soviet-era launchers and missiles.

    Poland is planning to have a comprehensive air defence system which will include Patriot missiles from the US for medium-range defence, Narew missiles for short-range defence, and Poprad and Pilica for very short-range defence.

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