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    Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Addresses Concerns of Families Affected by Gaza Crisis

    In a proactive move to address the concerns of Polish citizens caught in the crossfire of the recent conflict in Gaza, Pawel Jablonski, Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister, met with the families of those evacuated from the region and those still awaiting repatriation.

    The plight of these Polish citizens unfolded as Israel initiated a sweeping air and ground offensive in response to Hamas attacks on southern Israel starting on October 7. The resultant turmoil left Polish nationals stranded in Gaza, prompting Poland to intensify its diplomatic endeavours to ensure the safe evacuation of its citizens.

    During the meeting, Jablonski provided insights into the ongoing efforts, stating, “We are waiting for the approval from other countries; we are working on it all the time and are in constant contact with Israel and Egypt.” He acknowledged that not all attendees were fully aware of the complexities surrounding the situation.

    Furthermore, the Polish government expressed its commitment to assisting those who were successfully evacuated. Jablonski emphasized, “If someone is in a difficult life situation, and it is clear that people who have had to leave their lifelong possessions and have lost their homes in Gaza, they are entitled to apply for this support.”

    As of Monday, two Polish Air Force C-130 Hercules transport aircraft successfully brought 18 Poles back home. While Jablonski refrained from providing specific figures on the number of individuals still awaiting evacuation, citing the dynamic nature of the situation, he assured that the government is dedicated to “doing everything to evacuate all the citizens.” Poland continues to navigate diplomatic channels to secure the safe return of its citizens from the war-torn region.


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