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    Polish Entrepreneurs Clash with Germany Over Extended Controls

    Polish entrepreneurs are challenging Germany’s decision to extend border controls, igniting a debate over cross-border trade and mobility. The German Federal Ministry of the Interior has prolonged border controls with Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany until mid-June to combat illegal migration. However, this move has faced strong opposition from Polish business owners and border residents, who argue that it exacerbates challenges faced by businesses and workers in the region.

    Hanna Mojsiuk, representing the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin, emphasized the need to consider the impact on Polish entrepreneurs and residents alongside Germany’s security concerns. She criticized the prolonged stationary controls, citing disruptions to the smooth flow of goods and services, leading to increased costs and longer commute times.

    Polish entrepreneurs advocate for the rights of Polish citizens to freely cross internal EU borders while acknowledging Germany’s authority to enforce border controls. They urge measures to alleviate the burden on businesses and residents in border areas. Meanwhile, Michael Stuebgen, head of the Brandenburg State Ministry of the Interior, defended the necessity of continued border controls, citing ongoing challenges posed by illegal migration. As tensions escalate, Polish businesses intensify their call for government intervention to address the adverse impacts of extended border controls on cross-border trade and mobility.

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