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    Polish EU minister declares sanctions on Russia to be the strongest yet

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    The Polish EU minister has proclaimed that the latest package of sanctions against Russia, decided upon by the European Union, is “the strongest ever”.

    On Friday night, after lengthy deliberations, EU leaders agreed to impose their tenth package of sanctions against Russia.

    “It is a package of strong sanctions, the strongest ever, that will hit Russia in an unprecedented way and will expand sanctions to more Russian banks,”

    Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk said on Saturday.

    Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk declared that the EU sanctions will affect three more Russian banks and particular people, as well as components with dual-use, which cannot be exported to or transferred via Russia.

    The EU declared on its website that bitumen and associated materials such as asphalt, synthetic rubber, and carbon blacks have been added to the sanctions list.

    Synthetic rubber will not be sanctioned immediately to allow the market to adapt to the new regime, vel Sęk explained.

    “Additionally, Poland has received assurance that the European Commission will create a mechanism to publish quarterly reports on the diversification of synthetic rubber imports by EU companies,”

    he said.

    The EU has agreed to extend the list of sanctioned Russian propagandists. As per the Polish minister, the roster now holds approximately 150 people.

    “Some of the people have already been put on the list and others… will be included within the next three weeks, after evidence is collected,”

    he said.

    The EU presidency and institutions were given a roster of roughly 150 propagandists by Poland, according to the minister.

    “Of course, the list was prepared in collaboration with the Ukrainian side and was discussed by President Zelensky and Prime Minister Morawiecki in Kyiv,”

    he added

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