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    Polish Farmers Join Efforts to Protect the Border with Pig Slurry

    In response to the recent tragic death of a soldier, allegedly stabbed by illegal migrants at the Belarusian border, Polish farmers have vowed not to remain indifferent to attacks on their country and its security forces. They have announced a unique initiative: systematically spreading pig slurry along the border areas. This unconventional deterrent is aimed at preventing illegal crossings into Poland. The footage of the farmers’ actions was aired today by Telewizja Republika.

    Farmers from the Grassroots Nationwide Farmers’ Protest (Oddolny Ogólnopolski Protest Rolników, OOPR) have taken it upon themselves to support border protection. Their unusual method involves dispersing pig slurry along the borderlands, hoping that the foul smell and cultural taboos associated with pigs will discourage migrants from attempting to cross.

    “If we use pig slurry, migrants should avoid this area because of their religion. The spread of pig slurry will make them not want to pass through these strips,” explained Damian Murawiec from OOPR.

    A video on YouTube features farmers explaining their decision to support Polish uniformed services stationed at the Belarusian border and describing their method. Additionally, farmers from various parts of Poland have expressed admiration for the soldiers, border guards, and police officers defending the borders.

    This grassroots initiative highlights the growing tension and the measures some citizens are willing to take to support national security in Poland.

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