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    Polish Farmers Launch Hunger Strike in Parliament

    A group of Polish farmers has initiated a hunger strike within the corridors of the Sejm, Poland’s lower house of Parliament. The protest aims to draw attention to their demands for better representation and to voice their discontent with current agricultural policies under the Green Deal.

    The farmers have expressed a lack of confidence in Michał Kołodziejczak. Accusations of Kołodziejczak being “on the brink of state betrayal” were voiced, as one farmer critically remarked to Telewizja Republika. The dissatisfaction stems from Kołodziejczak’s support for the Green Deal, which the farmers believe labels its opponents unfairly.

    “The person who says that anyone who does not support the Green Deal is a Russian stooge is, in my opinion, on the brink of state betrayal,” said one of the protesting farmers during a broadcast. They continued by stating that even “any random person from the street, or a lady with a garden plot, would better represent the interests of Polish farmers than Michał Kołodziejczak.”

    As they wait for a discussion with Prime Minister Donald Tusk, the farmers’ actions underscore a broader struggle within the agricultural community against perceived encroachments by large corporations. One protester warned of the consequences of implementing the Green Deal, predicting a scenario where farms become unprofitable and lands, as well as machinery, are sold off cheaply to large conglomerates.

    “This will lead to the formation of large agro-complexes here, and there will no longer be Polish farmers producing good, Polish food,” the protester anticipated.

    The farmers declared that the lack of solutions to these issues confirms that they are represented by the wrong individuals.

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