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    Polish Farmers Plan Border Blockade Protest

    Farmers from the Podkarpackie region of Poland are set to block certain crossings on the Polish-Ukrainian border as a protest against government policies. However, this blockade, organized by only one farming organization, is disavowed by other agricultural unions.

    Limited Vehicle Interruption

    Roman Kondrów of the Podkarpackie Oszukanej Wsi faction announced that only heavy goods vehicles would be halted, allowing one vehicle per hour to pass through. This selective blockade aims to highlight grievances with the government, particularly regarding the perceived neglect of rural concerns.

    While some farmers protest, entrepreneurs from the Lublin Voivodeship express concerns over the economic repercussions of prolonged border closures. They cite a significant decline in trade with Ukraine and urge for an end to the protests to mitigate financial losses.

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