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    Polish Foreign Minister Accuses Russia of Imperiling Global Food Supplies Amid Ukraine Conflict

    In a recent statement at the UN Security Council debate on Ukraine, Zbigniew Rau, the Polish foreign minister, accused Russia of intensifying its “imperial war” against Ukraine by obstructing access to Ukrainian grain for countries in the global south.

    The primary focus of the Council’s session was the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the current situation in the region. Rau took the opportunity to raise concerns about Russia’s decision not to renew a grain export agreement, which was established last year with the assistance of Turkey and the UN. This move poses a significant threat to the supply of Ukrainian grain to poorer countries, particularly in Africa, as the Black Sea route used in the agreement is the most efficient means of transportation.

    During his address to the Council, Rau stated, “Russia has chosen to exacerbate its imperial war against Ukraine by reigniting economic aggression against the most vulnerable populations in the global south.” He called on the remaining parties involved in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the formal name of the 2022 agreement, to uphold their commitments and continue exporting Ukrainian grain.

    Rau further emphasized that Russia’s actions, including the suspension of the grain deal, the constant undermining of the security of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, and the recent destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam, have far-reaching consequences beyond the borders of Ukraine and Russia.

    The minister appealed for any peace initiatives to be based on fair conditions and fundamental principles of international law. He emphasized that legitimate solutions should be proposed, as an unjust peace or a frozen conflict would only perpetuate instability and encourage further aggression. Rau asserted that a lasting peace solution must adhere to the United Nations Charter and its fundamental principle of territorial integrity.

    In his speech, Rau highlighted the necessity of continued support for Ukraine, describing it as a just cause. He called upon the members of the UN Security Council to demonstrate determination in defending the fundamental principles of the international order.


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