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    Polish Foreign Minister Discusses Plight of Citizens Trapped in Gaza with Israeli Counterpart

    Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau engaged in a crucial telephone conversation with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen to address the pressing issue of nearly 30 Polish citizens stranded in the conflict-ridden Gaza Strip. The situation unfolded following Israel’s extensive military operations in response to Hamas attacks on southern Israel last month.

    Rau took to social media to share insights into the discussion, highlighting the paramount importance of addressing the plight of Polish families caught in the crossfire. Expressing gratitude for Cohen’s personal involvement in organizing aid, Rau emphasized the shared commitment of democratic governments to prioritize the well-being of civilian populations.

    “I am grateful to the Minister for his personal involvement in organizing aid for them. The situation of the civilian population must be of particular concern to democratic governments. Poland and Israel will pursue a path of cooperation on this issue,” Rau affirmed in his social media update.

    Earlier reports revealed that Poland has been actively seeking permission from Israel to evacuate its citizens from the Gaza Strip through the Rafah land crossing on the border with Egypt. Pawel Jablonski, the Deputy Foreign Minister, disclosed that Poland had submitted the evacuation list to Israel nearly a month ago. Consular and diplomatic services are maintaining constant communication with the stranded Polish citizens in Gaza.

    The collaboration between Poland and Israel on this humanitarian issue reflects a diplomatic effort to address the challenges faced by innocent civilians caught in conflict zones. The international community will be closely watching the developments as efforts continue to secure the safe evacuation of Polish citizens from the war-torn region.


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