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    Polish Forestry Company to Showcase Innovative Equipment at International Forestry Trade Fair in Switzerland

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    Polish industry leader, Kompania Leśna, presents its cutting-edge forestry machinery at the XXVI International Forestry Trade Fair in Lucerne.

    The XXVI International Forestry Trade Fair is set to commence on August 24 in Lucerne, Switzerland. This event will gather professionals from the global forestry industry, including Poland’s Kompania Leśna, which will unveil its proprietary active plow among other innovations. The presence of Kompania Leśna at the fair underscores its long-standing dominance in the domestic forestry market.

    “We’ve consistently built a robust equipment portfolio, carefully selecting top European brands for distribution. We’re also advancing our in-house production, and in Lucerne, we’ll publicly unveil our latest creation, the proprietary active plow,” states Anna Szerszeń, a board member of Kompania Leśna.

    Apart from showcasing its products and services, the Swiss fair offers an optimal environment for forging new business relationships. “This is an exceptional opportunity to showcase our machinery on the international stage. The direct interaction with industry professionals worldwide is incredibly rewarding. We’re fully prepared for this highly anticipated Lucerne event,” adds Szerszeń.

    The Lucerne Forestry Trade Fair offers a diverse range of attractions, including the 12th Swiss Wood Processing Championships and the Stihl Timbersports competitions. Participants will compete in six disciplines for the prestigious title of Swiss champion.

    The event in Lucerne serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and trend-setting in the forestry sector. The fair’s prestige is highlighted by its patronage, not only from Swiss federal and local authorities, hunting and forestry associations, but also from academic and educational institutions. These biennial fairs are three times larger than the most significant events of this kind in Poland.

    Kompania Leśna, known as a Polish leader in forestry machinery sales, will also exhibit its 2.6-tonne clambunks (with ropes and chains), as well as the LPZ-PRO forestry plow. The fair will run until August 27.

    Based in Nowy Dwór-Parceli near Skierniewice, Kompania Leśna distributes various forestry machines including trailers, cranes, harvesters, forwarders, chippers, and delimbing heads. It represents esteemed brands such as Palms, Nisula, Kronos, Konrad, and Heizomat. The company’s headquarters, alongside branches in Augustów and Zamość, contribute to its industry prominence.

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