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    Polish Freediver Sets New Record: Swims Over 100 Meters Under Ice on a Single Breath

    Polish freediver Stanisław Odbieżałek has once again rewritten the record books by covering an astonishing 110 meters beneath a layer of ice without taking a breath. This remarkable achievement occurred during his quest to surpass the Guinness World Record in freediving, a sport defined by its reliance on breath-holding and underwater exploration.

    Odbieżałek accomplished this extraordinary feat in the icy waters of Lake Mysutjernet, situated in Norway’s southern Kongsberg region. Despite facing daunting conditions, including subzero temperatures and the absence of protective diving equipment, the Polish athlete remained resolute in his pursuit of excellence.

    “Stanisław broke the Guinness World Record in freediving by swimming 110 meters under ice on a single breath without any thermal protection,”

    we can read on Stanisław Odbieżałek – Mistrz Freedivingu Facebook page.

    This latest triumph adds to Odbieżałek’s already impressive resume, as he had previously set the record at 106.9 meters in 2023, establishing himself as the leading figure in the challenging discipline of freediving beneath the ice.

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