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    Polish Government Expresses Concerns Over Opposition’s Referendum Boycott

    The Polish government, represented by spokesperson Piotr Müller, has voiced apprehensions about the opposition’s intentions to boycott the upcoming referendum. Müller suggested that the opposition’s hidden plan might involve acting contrary to the will of Polish citizens as expressed in the referendum’s outcomes.

    During a press conference, government representatives highlighted the importance of maintaining national ownership of key companies in Poland. They emphasized that critical sectors, like banking, should be in the hands of the state or Polish owners. Müller posed questions about the opposition’s reluctance to participate in the referendum and vote against the sale of national assets. He mentioned parties led by Donald Tusk and Janusz Lewandowski, linking their hesitation to fears of relinquishing decision-making power granted by the public.

    Müller questioned the opposition’s stance on matters such as the retirement age and the removal of border barriers with Belarus. He pointed out that these parties seemed to shy away from making a clear stand on these issues, potentially due to concerns that binding referendum results might limit their future decision-making abilities.

    Müller emphasized that the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) encourages participation in the referendum and urges citizens to cast their votes.

    Referendum Questions:
    The referendum scheduled for October 15 will present four questions:

    1. Support for the sale of state assets to foreign entities, potentially leading to loss of control over strategic economic sectors.
    2. Backing for raising the retirement age, including restoring the elevated age of 67 for both genders.
    3. Support for the removal of barriers on the Polish-Belarusian border.
    4. Endorsement of accepting thousands of illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, as dictated by European bureaucratic mechanisms.

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