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    Polish Government to Escort Ukrainian Grain Through Transit

    Poland’s agriculture minister announced on Tuesday that Ukrainian grain shipments passing through the country will be monitored by an electronic system and will be accompanied by an escort.

    At a press conference in Warsaw on Tuesday, Robert Telus announced a new electronic transport monitoring system, SENT, to track the movement of Ukrainian grain through the country.

    The announcement follows two days of negotiations between representatives from both countries. SENT, which is already used to monitor fuel transports, is expected to improve the security and efficiency of Ukrainian grain transfers.

    Polish farmers have taken to the streets to demonstrate their discontent with the influx of Ukrainian grain on the domestic market, which has caused market prices to drop and left Polish grain farmers unable to make a profit.

    Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia have imposed an import ban on Ukrainian grain and several other agricultural products until June 30, a move which was instigated by the Polish government in response to the current situation.

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