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    Polish gov’t introduces military training programme for civilians

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    Polish civilians looking for a taste of army life can now take part in a 16-day military training programme, recently unveiled by the country’s defence ministry. The programme has been designed to give civilians a better understanding of the armed forces and their roles.

    On Thursday, the 1st Warsaw Armoured Brigade was the site of a special announcement from Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak. Mr Blaszczak introduced a new programme known as ‘Train like a soldier’.

    The Defence Ministry has announced the launch of a new, expanded military training course for civilians. The course, which will be longer than the one-day courses previously organised by the Ministry, is designed to provide civilians with a more comprehensive insight into military training.

    “Today we are inaugurating the next edition of our ‘Train with the army’ programme – this time under the name ‘Train like a soldier’,” said the minister. “This is… an extended version that meets the needs reported by the participants of the three editions of our (initial – ed.) programme.”

    “We have created a new variant of our programme. Sixteen days of training: two days to get acquainted with the unit – we will be organising these types of orientation courses in May – and then two weeks in two sessions – July and August,” he said.

    He stated that the course will emphasize on practical abilities, such as proficiency in using weapons, the fundamentals of close-quarters combat, techniques of enduring extreme conditions, and providing primary medical care.

    “It’s all part of a programme that ends with the taking of the military oath,” he added.

    “We want as many people as possible to undergo the training, to learn how to use weapons, to learn how to react in difficult crisis situations,” said Blaszczak.


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