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    Polish Gov’t Spokesman Calls for Review of Procedures After Prime Minister’s Convoy Accident

    Following a road traffic accident involving the Polish Prime Minister’s escort convoy, which resulted in injuries to four individuals, including two police officers, the government’s spokesman has announced plans to conduct a comprehensive review of procedures.

    The incident occurred on Sunday evening in the town of Czajki in eastern Poland, when a police car escorting the prime minister collided head-on with a passenger vehicle.

    Piotr Mueller, speaking to RMF FM radio station on Monday, emphasized the importance of scrutinizing any shortcomings that may have contributed to the accident. He stated, “In such situations, there should always be a review of what failed. Always after such an incident, a review of procedures is advisable and should be carried out.”

    Mueller further mentioned that ongoing investigations are being conducted to gather additional information about the incident.

    Expressing sympathy for the injured individuals, Mueller remarked, “It would be best, of course, if this situation had not happened.”

    This crash adds to a series of incidents involving politicians who often travel at high speeds within convoys. In 2018, Beata Szydlo, the former prime minister, was involved in a collision with another road user. Similarly, in 2016, President Andrzej Duda’s car veered off a motorway following a tire burst.


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